Elizabeth Donovan

In the sixties, Elizabeth Donovan chose to attend Husson College for secretarial science. Coming from a small Maine town Husson seemed like a good and it was. After achieving a 2-year Associate's Degree as a legal secretary, Elizabeth worked in Governor Ken Curtis's office, alongside Olympia Snow, while waiting for her husband, Jack Donovan (Class of '66) to return from Vietnam.

Through the late '80's until 1995, Elizabeth worked on obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Finance. However, not long after, she decided business was not where her heart truly was. She needed to do something where she made a difference and chose teaching special education. Though now retired, Elizabeth continues to "teach" by volunteering in elementary classrooms.

Husson has always been an integral part of the Donovan family ranging from friends made over 50 years ago, to taking pride in the ever-evolving improvements made on the campus and in programs being offered. The Donovan’s pride in Husson University has moved them to establish a scholarship for a nursing student from Piscataquis County.